From an early age I was deeply interested in personal development work and spiritual teachings. My consistent question:

How can we be so much more as members of this human community,
working towards the upliftment of ourselves to live in harmony with each other and with nature?

This question led me to attending many courses, workshops and retreats on topics including personal development, shamanism, nutrition and natural living.

Being greatly inspired by the profound effect food can have on body and mind, I went on a 7 year 100% raw food vegan journey, deeply cleansing and re setting myself and ultimately opening me up to far greater truths than food labels and boxes.
In this time my wife Beryn and I wrote 2 books, Rawlicious and The magic of superfoods, and travelled South Africa presenting courses, talks and retreats on raw food and superfood nutrition.

We also started and continue to run Soaring Free Superfoods, a company changing the way people interact with the food supply chain, with the intention of bringing love back into business, in harmony with nature.

In 2012 our first Child was born, and we realised it was time to embrace our joint vision shared when we were 19 years old: To live in nature connecting with the earth. We were blessed to find a smallholding in the garden route and over years slowly moved out of the city. We now live on our little piece of heaven with our 3 daughters growing food in our fruit orchards and vegetable gardens and sharing how we have chosen to live life differently.