Feedback from past course participants:

In a word: WOW ! Positive, motivational. We have been armed with knowledge and support to make a raw lifestyle practical and just the knowledge that, YES, this is just so right.

I was so confused because there is so much conflicting info on the subject, but I got the best advice from you: find out what works for you!

A whole new view on food, life and the potential of unlimited source of energy and support from the universe. To feel content and full from a whole day on only greens raw food!

The realisation of how limited I am in what I eat and how many different real foods there are available to us. I fell inspired about food for the first time in years.

So amazing, a 360 degree change of view that I CAN use and adopt to my lifestyle. So much more creative, a whole new way of thinking.

I feel awakened ñ so much information I did not know existed. Inspiration AND tools to change my health- that makes it joyful! It’s a course on a new way of life and not just about how to prepare raw food, I loved that, thank you!

Fantastic motivation, inspiration, hope and abundant energy!! Sense of peace and clarity and optimism about life in general.

Absolute confirmation that nutrition is critical for physical, mental & emotional integrity and that whole food nutrition is EASY and I am very inspired to try it! Did not expect that a transition or add-in approach would be so do-able and accessible, and did not expect all the additional info which was great.